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AMSOIL Preferred Customer benefits

  • Order direct from AMSOIL at wholesale cost.
  • Save approximately 25% when ordering online.
  • Fast delivery to your door.
  • Easy online or phone ordering.
  • No minimum or maximum order.
  • Receive the latest AMSOIL product catalogs.
  • Free subscription to the monthly AMSOIL Magazine.

Special Limited Time Offer Includes

  • AMSOIL PC account login number
  • AMSOIL PC kit, which includes:
    • Product catalog
    • Casual Apparel catalog
    • Filter line information
    • Dealer information
    • Altrum Product catalog
    • PC monthly AMSOIL Magazine(6 issues)
  • Wholesale prices which is dealer cost on all factory direct orders

Become an AMSOIL Dealer

  • Minimal start-up fee
  • No inventory requirements
  • No territory restrictions
  • No capital investment
  • No employee expenses or requirements

AMSOIL Dealer Benefits

  • Buy at wholesale pricing
  • Sell Products
  • Register New Accounts
  • Earn Commissions

After 6 months, the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Trial will automatically expire with no obligation to renew. To continue receiving wholesale pricing and the AMSOIL monthly magazine after the 6-month trial period, you will be invited to purchase a full 1-year membership for $20 ($30 Canada) per year. NOTE: The 1-year membership can be purchased anytime; it does not need to be purchased at the expiration of the trial. Thank you for registering!

The information requested on the form above is to set up your 6-month AMSOIL Preferred Customer Trial Membership. The 6-month trial is for new U.S. and Canada AMSOIL Preferred Customers. Preferred Customer trial is contingent upon AMSOIL INC. approval. You must be 18 years or older to register as a Preferred Customer at our website. When registering, you are also agreeing to allow us to send periodic emails about AMSOIL products and promotions.

Instant Savings Method: After registering for the AMSOIL Preferred Customer 6-month trial at our website, it typically takes 2 business days to receive your account number. If you need instant savings on a purchase today, you can buy a 6-month Preferred Customer Membership Trial for $10 ($15 Canada) by clicking here: