Hello my name is Lynn Pabst.

I have been using Amsoil for over 36 years. When I was in High school my buddies and I had a race car. I was the mechanic and soon saw the benefits of using Amsoil synthetic gear lube. Then years later my wife and I bought a new GMC Suburban. I wanted the best for it and was looking for better fuel mileage. I remembered the good results I had with Amsoil gear lube for the rear differential. I am the type of person that likes to buy at the lowest price. Back then there was no Preferred Customer option so I became an Amsoil Dealer to be able to buy at wholesale cost. I saw great results with the gear lube. Next I wondered if the motor oil would be a good fit for my new truck. I decided to give it a try. It worked fantastic. I loved the easier starting in the winter, better engine protection and only having to change oil a couple times a year, When winter rolled around I started using the snowmobile oil in my snowmobiles. I started telling my friends and family about my experiences with Amsoil products. They tried it and came back to me to tell me about the great experiences they had. This got me thinking maybe I could make money selling this stuff. My wife Beth and I have been in business over 26 years now. Our business has grown and we have customers and Dealers from all over the US and Canada. Amsoil has changed our life and it could change yours. I love to talk about Amsoil. I would gladly answer any questions you might have. Just give me a call.

Thank You,
Lynn & Beth Pabst

1053 Ridgeway Street
Hammond, WI